Granite Countertops Virginia

Natural Stone – Granite

Granite is a very special rock created from the minerals beneath the earth’s surface. It is made through a crystallization process which makes it not only durable but strong enough for 100 years of daily usage. Granite is ranked 7 out of 10 in relation to mineral hardness with 10 being the strength of a diamond.

Granite today is growing in popularity with a wide variety of selections to give customers the beauty as well as the strength they so desire. Flintstone Granite and Countertops is proud to offer a wide variety of selections to fulfill your every look with selections that are worldwide and limited to Flintstone. We offer exotic choices from different ends of the globe, including: North America, South America, Africa, South Africa, Italy, Spain, France, India, Finland, and more.

We look forward to bringing the global options to your door step by making your project as personal and professional as possible.