Granite Countertops, Ashburn


Check out our gallery for the most inclusive group of designs, colors, and patters to answer your questions and fit your taste regarding granite countertops.

Also, visit us today or call us to help you pick the color and pattern that will out-do other’s kitchen spaces by having more options than other competitors.

Granite is sold in slabs not only to get a nice finish on your project but to make sure that all colors and patterns seamlessly match. Great news is we only charge you for the square footage that your project will use rather than the entire slab! This offer is limited to Flintstone Granite and Marble and we are proud of it!

As soon as you select your perfect granite counter top, we will provide you with edge styles to fit your taste and exceed your expectations. Some edge patterns include: Beveled, Half Bull Nose, Full Bull Nose, and Ogee.

We offer installation as fast as 4-5 hours from the start time to when we finish off your special countertop with sealant to ensure a protective finish on your purchase.